Encouragement is a Three Letter Word

Any big change in life can be hard. Change during a pandemic? Harder. What have you done to encourage others? How has someone encouraged you? Like a cup of cool water in an arid wasteland, encouragement can make the difference between giving up and taking the next step. To encourage is to inject with courage.…

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Facing the Challenge of Change

2020 has been a year of change for everyone. The pandemic has changed the way we work, go to school, socialize, travel, and lead our daily lives. If you’ve moved during this time, you’ve probably experienced even more stress and isolation. Major life change – under the best of circumstances – is rarely easy, but…

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Five Ways to Thrive During the Quarantine

Stephanie Pletka. Author of Living Your Best Life

Life wasn’t meant to be wrapped up in a tidy bow. Whether you’re working from home, have experienced a job loss, are empty nesters, or herding young children, life is the mess we need to embrace. In this episode of Hope for the Uprooted with Susan Miller, Susan interviews Stephanie Pletka, speaker and author of…

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