Parenting with fun, empathy, assurance, and resolve

Susan Miller interviews Sharoya Ham, a Compassionate Parent Coach and Behavior Specialist with 25 years of experience. Sharoya is the Founder of Embrace Behavior Change and specializes in helping parents move from a state of overwhelm to a place of calm and confidence. She is also a mom to three sons.

All behavior is communication. The key is to determine what a specific behavior saying. Young kids may lash out. Teens and tweens may withdraw. Parents can be short-tempered and moody. All of these behaviors are often communicating fear and anxiety.

Sharoya will empower you with practical ways to create a space for expression and honest communication. Her steps to counter FEAR through the acronym Fun, Empathy, Assurance, Resolve, will boost your confidence as a parent and your compassion for yourself, your spouse, and your kids.

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