After the Boxes Are Unpacked groups are meeting around the U.S. and the world

After the Boxes Are Unpacked is a women’s study that can be used by individuals or as a group experience online or in churches, military installations, homes, seminaries, mission organizations, and in corporate settings. The study addresses the emotional struggles and the opportunities for spiritual growth as a mover starts over in a new community and gives her a head start in making new friends.

It is based upon the book, After the Boxes are Unpacked, by the Founder of Just Moved Ministry, Susan Miller. A seasoned mover and popular speaker, Susan shares the biblical principles she learned as a result of her 14 moves. The study is designed for 12 sessions, but is adaptable to meet the needs of the group.

The study takes the newcomer through the important stages necessary for a successful move: letting go and trusting God, starting over with hope, and moving forward in faith. Not only does the study prepare, encourage, and equip for the emotional and spiritual strain of such a major life change, it provides a wonderful way to make the friends and to create community connections.

Use the Newcomer Study Guide by yourself or with a group of other newcomers to enrich your experience of After the Boxes Are Unpacked and deepen your understanding of God's involvement in your move.

If ever there was a time to join an online or in-person study group, it is NOW. When you’re new to your community, it’s common to feel disconnected and isolated without local friendships and support.

What others are saying about the After the Boxes Are Unpacked study

"Besides the extremely supportive friendships that have flourished in this class, I have learned to “cling to God” and “cherish the past.” When you go through such an overwhelming, life-altering change you may choose to question God and ask: Why? This weekly class brings you closer to God and helps you trust in His plan even though it can be a confusing and painful process."
Jennete in Utah

"I have been in Bible studies for years, but nothing has helped me as much as this class has."
A newcomer to Texas

"After moving over 30 times in my life, and after 15 years married to the military, I have received more grounded support on my Christian walk with these materials than any other study. As a military spouse who has struggled with moving, this has been the single greatest resource. I believe all military spouses need to know about this ministry."
Jenna, Army Spouse
Vicenza, Italy