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Every month we feature an After the Boxes are Unpacked study groupThese groups are offering friendship, connection, and the path to emotional well-being and spiritual growth for women who have been uprooted by a move.

September 2023

Eagle Christian Church

Group Leaders: Bev Forrester and Kelly Cottle

Mother/daughter team, Bev Forrester and Kelly Cottle, are leading the After the Boxes Study at Eagle Christian Church. Eagle is one of the fastest growing cities in Idaho! The study is meeting an important need for connection and spiritual growth for the many who are moving into the area!

Bev wrote, "We just finished our 4th ABAU class already…. With over 30 ladies again!! So many more amazing stories from our ladies and gratitude for what your study has done for them and their families. God is good! So grateful for you and your wonderful ministry, Susan!

Thank you for featuring our groups and also for all that you do for us at Just Moved!!"

2023.9.Eagle Christian fall 2022
2023.9.Eagle Christian winter 2023

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