Keep Your Circle Broken

by Sara Horn I still remember that one long nervous breath that came painfully to my lungs as I walked up the drive towards the house. Everything in me wanted to turn around, scurry back to my car and drive home. Home was safe and familiar. Home was where I could be myself and know…

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A Blessing When You Want to Belong

lonely woman

by Kate Blessed are you playing the stories of who you are through your mind like a filmstrip.Where you got your laugh or love of music or those terrible navigation skills.You who can pinpoint yourself on a family tree.You who know exactly WHOSE you are. And blessed are you when you don’t belong.When you…

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Reach out to the new pastor’s wife

Susan interviews Betsy Borseth, wife of a Lutheran pastor in Oklahoma and a mother of three. In their 25 years of ministry Betsy and her husband have moved 7 times. Some of those moves were smooth and some were not so smooth. Like any woman who has been uprooted, Betsy grieved each time she moved…

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