15 things to remember for the new year

It’s easy to get worn down by life. The bombardment of bad news, contention, and uncertainty can lead to discouragement.

Susan Miller has experienced all of that, but the start of a new year is an annual reminder to her to stay focused on and invest energy in the things that really matter. In this podcast she shares 15 ways she wants to live that reflect her priorities and how she feels God has called her to live. She’s not perfect in this endeavor, but time and again, these reminders bring her focus back to what’s important.

A few that have made the list:

  • Stop and take a deep breath.
  • Laugh more and play more.
  • Don’t try to do it all in one day – prioritize.
  • Teach kindness by example.
  • Go one day without talking about Covid – God is in control.
  • Have a purpose larger than yourself.
  • Be open to change

Listen to the podcast for the rest of the list and to be encouraged! What would your list include? Email Susan at reachus@justmoved.org

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