How Does Your Garden Grow?

Imagine your mind and heart as a garden. What is the condition of your garden?

Is the path overgrown with weeds?

Is the gate of your heart closed and locked?

Is it surrounded by impenetrable walls?

Is there a bench, where you may have sat with a good friend, that’s now broken down and faded?

When life is hard it’s common to go into a mode of self-protection. Weeds can take over, the gate may be locked, and the walls made higher in an effort to keep others out. Someone who cares for you may be trying to enter your garden – to be a part of your life – but can find no way in.

Will you choose to open the gate to allow a caring friend or family member to walk with you through hardship and support you in tending your “garden?” Will you open the gate to God and allow Him to hold you as you lean your whole weight into his embrace?

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